Working in the cloud with office 365

Run your business more easily with Office 365. Get everything you need to get work done anytime, anywhere in the cloud. Moving to the Cloud environment is no longer sci-fi, it is a reality. When more and more companies are transferring to Office 365, more administrators are asking the question :Are we safe there? Do we still need to do a backup of our critical data? Others do not even bother asking, trusting that globally dispersed MS datacenters are ensuring full safety of company's data. Microsoft Office 365

What is Microsoft doing to backup data?

One of the questions we often hear is "How does Exchange 365 back up my data?" Microsoft is doing a lot to ensure files and documents are always accessible and backed up. It constantly replicates data between datacenters and storing data in completely redundant environments with backup and restoring capabilities. Long story short, if something happens to one of Microsoft's data centers, you most likely retain every single one of your emails!

Do you need to have your own backup?

The anwser to this question is YES!!

Let us show you what the normal procedure is when you are working with Outlook and you delete a message.

Default procedure deleted items office 365

The Office 365 Exchange backup solution from NetSolid

We can perform full or granular backups of multiple Office 365 mailboxes directly to our datacenter. Thanks to brick-level storage we can backup and restore entire mailboxes or selected types of mailbox data - from email folders, calendars or contacts to individual items like single messages or attachments.

The advantages

The advantages of the Office 365 Exchange backup solution from NetSolid are:

  • Offline backup of Office 365 mailboxes, sharepoint and onedrive;
  • Continuous incremental backup;
  • Mailbox data safety, stored in our datacenter;
  • Automaticly scheduled backups;
  • Unlimited data retention;
  • Brick-level backup;
  • Browse versions;
  • Restore even to other mailboxes or Office 365 plans;
  • No impact on users;
  • 50Gb included back-up storage;
  • yearly payment.

More information

Please contact NetSolid for more information.